Kahlil Lechelt

Micro.blog Import Script

I made a Node.js script to import my Markdown with Frontmatter post from my Hugo blog into Micro.blog.

You are welcome to use it and here is how you set it up.

  • You need to have Node and npm installed.
  • Create a folder with a name like “microblog-import”.
  • Proceed to that folder in your terminal and install the required modules with npm install gray-matter got query-string.
  • In that folder you have to have a folder called “posts”.
  • That folder has to contain all of your Markdown posts.
  • The Frontmatter properties that the script is interested in are title, date and draft. It will ignore all files with draft: true, for all other files it will import them to Micro.blog titled with the value in the title property and dated with the value in the date property.
  • Now create a file called index.js in your microblog-import folder and copy-paste the following code into it:
  • Go to micro.blog/account/a…
  • Where it says “App name:” type in “Import Script” and then click on “Generate Token”.
  • Copy the generated token and substitute the string <YOUR_AUTH_TOKEN> with that token in the index.js file.
  • In the terminal, in that folder, run the script with node ..

That should do it. If needed, this could be extended and made into a command-line tool or even an Electron app with a GUI.

Happy new year 🎉.